Plough Towers

                             6580 Poplar Avenue
                             Memphis, TN 38138

*Wish List
Item Cost
   Lobby Set Israeli Flag

  $198.70 Granted 12/2017

Judaica Statue to go with new pergola
  Portable PA System
  Live Entertainment Party   $150  
New York Times Annual Subscription
  $273 Week day annual
  $507 Daily annual
Security Panic Button in Receptionist's Desk
$1352 (includes monitoring)
  Commercial Appeal M-F
  subscription for dining room

Tickets for Cultural Events, (i.e. concerts, theatre, etc)
  varies per event
  Exercise Equipment
Adult Pull Up Briefs in sizes S/M Large XL

  Patio furniture for new Pergola
  Bird Seed Funding
varies, approximately $22/bag
Security Access control for the front door

 *  For more information about any wish list item, call (901) - 767- 1910.

Plough Towers is a 501(c)3 Not-For-Profit Organization.  All donations are Tax Deductible.