Plough Towers

6580 Poplar Avenue

Memphis, TN 38138



Events in March

Exercise continues in the dining room 10:30am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  We love Sara and Linda, and welcome our newest exercise leader Janice Hicks on Fridays.  The classes have really taken off, and residents report that they are not only a good workout, but they are actually fun!

A big word of thanks goes to the United Methodist Churches, Trader Joe's, Kroger,  Sprouts, and Cosco for their ongoing dedication to bringing us beautiful produce, meats, prepared foods, and sweets! Not only does it make a difference to our health, it helps all our residents bottom lines!  And we couldn't do without the assistance of our resident volunteers; thank you!

Mar 11 2024

Commodities will be 3/11/24. You must to come downstairs with your baskets when we call your floor.
Mar 14, 2024
6 pm

Johnnie has lots of fun outings including Southland Casino, Theatre Memphis, Olive Garden, and the BBQ shop. where Johnnie will be the duck master!  And  Vicki will be hosting  Bunco on 3/14/24 at 6 pm. It's always a fun time!

Mar 14, 2024
Mar 19, 2024

Audrey will have her HUD Tidbits at 3 pm on 3/14/24 and Carol will have her tea on 3/19/24 2 pm.  We appreciate their time they give us to help residents get the most that they can of living here.

   Mar 14, 2024

This month we are honored Rabbi Levy of Temple Israel join us for our monthly Fedovation Shabbat Service on Friday 3/14/24 at 2 pm. Everyone is welcome!

Mar 22, 2024

The Jewish holiday of Purim  is always a celebration, and this year is no different.  We will reveal the Fedovation's Jewish Holidays: celebrating and learning together display case on 3/22/24, and eat delicious Hamentaschen! Thanks to  those who gifted us with Shalach Manot!