Plough Towers

6580 Poplar Avenue

Memphis, TN 38138



Events in October
Oct 3,, 2023 We are happy to welcome back Neighborhood Night Out on 10/3/2023! Come meet our firsrt responders and play bingo, too!

     Oct 4,, 2023
Zoo Day is 10/4/2023 when all seniors can visit our beautiful Memphis Zoo for free

Oct 5, 2023
1-4 pm

Flu Shots will be Thursday, 10/5/2023 from 1-4 pm.  You must sign up beforehand.  The signup sheet is at the front desk.  Please bring your Medicare and supplemental insurance cards with you.

Oct 9 2032
         2:00 pm

Commodities will be Monday, 10/9/2023.  Carol will let you know if you need recertification.

     Oct 11, 2023
Laura Tanenbaum and Michelle Rappaport generously continue to give us their expert time for our TOWER SUPPORT NETWORK (TSN) SUPPORT GROUP. We will meet Wednesday, 10/11/2023 in the Board Room.

Friends of Israel continues to deliver to us delicious breads and pastries from Panera Bread. We thank them! (we enjoy them!!)

Oct 20, 2023

This month, we are honored to have Rabbi Levy of Temple Israel join us for Shabbat Service thanks to the generous grant from Fedovation.  Our service will Friday, 10/20/2023 at 2 pm.  Everyone is invited to join us.

Oct 18, 2023

Audrey will have her HUD TIDBITS on Tuesday, 10/18.2023 at 3 pm.  It is very important to plan to attend so you are aware of regulations and expectations from HUD to which we all must adhere!

Oct 24, 2023

TEA WITH CAROL will be held Thursday, 10/24/2023.  Be sure to attend to learn the latest news and services that we are able to offer to you.  The topic will be announced soon.

I love that we offer a Book Club here at Plough Towers and love that our former Board Member Judy Stephenson continues to volunteer to lead it for us.  I see  how much everyone enjoys it!