Plough Towers

6580 Poplar Avenue

Memphis, TN 38138

Below are two tables from the April 2020 Newsletter with ideas to help keep you safe during this Corona Virus time.

1.  Keep our protective Bubble!

Wash & disinfect your hands often.

Try your best not to leave the campus.  Please ask relatives/friends to shop for you! 
  Let them CALL you when they are here.  Then come down to pick up your goods and visit outside!

When you bring anything into your apartment, please wipe it down with a wipe,  spray or some type of disinfectant.

If you are ill, you must stay in your apartment.  Let us know if you don't feel well. 
Especially if you have fever, shortness of breath or a dry cough,  YOU NEED TO CALL YOUR DOCTOR!!

Only authorized visitors are allowed upstairs to a resident's apartment. 
They will have been through a screening and have permission to be upstairs.
That means Comcast, FedEx,
UPS, Pizza, and Food delivery, and others.
If you would like a daily phone call from a volunteer, please let us know.

                                          2.  Tips to stay Safe
     1. Wash your hands!
     2. Disinfect surfaces.

     3. Don't eat food or  handle dishes of utensils touched by a sick family member.
       If you must touch a spoon someone else has handled (but not had in their mouth), do. 
       Then wash your hands.

    4.  Don't shake hands, kiss or hug people.  

       This is the time for fist-or elbow bumps.  Or smile from arm's distance.

     5. Don't touch your face.
       It's hard not to. Most people do it without thinking several times each hour.  

   6. Avoid Crowds. 
If you must go out where plenty of people are present, whenever possible keep a cough's distance away from them.