Plough Towers

6580 Poplar Avenue

Memphis, TN 38138


Events in August

     Exercise continues in the dining room every Monday at 10:30 with Sara.  We couldn't do
    without you!  Thank you!

     Trips, shopping, dining, and more shopping, it will include Walgreens, Farmer's Market,
   Kroger, Superlo, Aldi's,
and even Dirt Cheap! Sweet Peas & Five Guys are the places
   to dine this month, as well.  The Casino Trip is 8/10 and fills up fast! 
Please remember
   that if trips get filled, we will have to take  turns so everyone has a chance to go at
   various time. You MUST come to the front desk to pay and sign up. No Exceptions

     We appreciate the "Judy's" dedication, Judy Stephenson leading out Book Club and Judy Royal for
    the continued weekly delivery of the  beautiful flowers, from the Temple Israel's Bimah!

August 10, 2022
     Commodities will be delivered to your door on 8/10/22. Be sure to leave your basket at your door!
    Carol will let you know if it is time for your re-certification.

August 19, 2022
2 PM

     This month we are honored to have Rabbi Joel Finkelstein join us fpr Shabbat Service thanks to
    the  generous grant from Fedovation.  Our service will be Friday, 8/19/22 2:00pm. Everyoine is
     welcome to join us!

August 16 &
August 23, 2022
2 PM

     Aidrey will have her HUD tidbits at 2pm on Tuesday, 8/16,22 and Carol will have Tea with Carol
    will be on Thurday, 8/23/22 at 2pm. 
Come out and learn important info you need to be aware of.
    They both do an exellent job of keeping you educated and informed!

     Lina Valeriano had enthusiastically joined the Plough Towers staff as our bookkeeper.  She is
    originally from Arkansas and moved to Memphis  three years ago.  Lina is married and has three
    children, 12, 17 and 19.  Lina is looking forward to meetiing each and every one of you.  Give Lina a
    BIG Plough Towers